How have digital platforms changed PR strategies and how do they interact with non-digital platforms?  The reign of digital platforms in modern communication and the consumption of goods, services and content online has prompted a shift in the relationship between PR agencies and journalists. The evolution of social media and the proliferation of digital devices […]

Referring to Jurgensen and Ray (2012), how are digital technologies affecting (In positive and/or negative ways) user’s privacy?  Despite there being strong evidence to suggest that new digital technologies have been to the detriment of personal privacy, the positive implications of data disclosure are yet to be fully acknowledged. As Jurgensen and Rey (2012) suggest […]

How do the affordances of a networked media culture (hyperlinks, multimedia, sharing etc.) enhance online communication?  The shift of modern networks into an online context has prompted a greater concern with establishing an interaction and integration focused model for communication. The affordances of our now networked media culture, being features such as hyperlinks, multimedia and […]

Referring to Livingstone (2008), how do people use social networking services to construct their identities, and how do social connections form part of those identities?  The explosive spread of online culture during the 1990’s gave birth to the notion that identity could transcend the physical world and in the case of social networking sites, facilitate […]

Hi, My name is Samantha. I am an 18 year old Graphic Design student in my first year at the University of Canberra, Australia. I have a particularly strong passion for editorial print design and would love to one day gain employment at a branding or publishing firm. I am also interested in interior and […]